John Gimblett: Men an Tol paintings and photographs.

This page contains further paintings of the Men an Tol holed stone group in Cornwall. Just to put them in some kid of context, however slight that may be, there are a few photographs also.

It's said that for millennia people have crawled through the holed stone (most rituals specify a number of times, against the sun) to cure rheumatism. Before my first visit to the site, I was having treatment for chronic rheumatic pain in one of my knees. I crawled through the stone, and since that day I've had no problems with the knee.

Photograph 1 is of me crawling through the holed stone.

Photograph 2 is of the site itself.

Photograph 3 is of my wife, Sarah, crawling through the holed stone.





Men an Tol 1, Oil on board, 1993




Men an Tol 2, Oil on board, 1993




Men an Tol 3, Oil on board, 2003




Men an Tol 4, Oil on board, 1993


















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