John Gimblett: A Mental Scrapbook

Atoms in boiling water (a Zen scrapbook)

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I intended this page to feature odds and ends having no discernable connection other than they expressed the jumble of ideas, likes, and dislikes buzzing around in my head like atoms in boiling water.


Whether or not it turns out like that, time will tell...



John Gimblett

Monoprint, Exeter, 1987






John Gimblett

Men an Tol: Kangaroo , Oil on Board, 1991











John Gimblett, from cartoon series Kim and Mr. Chairman, 2004







PRAPAT,  West Sumatra, Indonesia.   18.1.87.


Got up, cold and unable to sleep anyhow, around 6.45am. Saw a black blob on the dark wall opposite my face. Thought it was probably a big ‘roach. It was. Didn’t even bother to scare it away.


Read Kerouac.

“Fun isn’t everything. You’ve got some responsibilities sometimes, you know.” (The Dharma Bums.)





Graphic poem, Gujarat, 1998








JG, Tiannanmen Square, Beijing, PRC., 1992



JG, Red Square, Moscow, USSR., 1986







The worst photo you'll ever see of Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, 1979.



And to finish, some great people. Or at least, their pictures:






Kim il Sung




And remember....


"There's no money in poetry,

but then, there's no poetry in money, either."


- Robert Graves.



Random Links: (if you believe anything is random...)


Ululele ..... What do you mean you don't play the ukulele?

Zen ..... Waste some time looking at a monk.

Gaia ..... There's only one Earth (allegedly). Better start looking after it.

Rizong gompa, Ladakh ..... Where I first tasted butter tea. A bloody foul concoction.

PETA ..... Got any morals? Then you need to look here for some Applied Morality.

Visualization (mirror site) ..... Just a mirror site, simplified, of the Maths page.

David Shrigley ..... It's art, it's funny. But not in the Cubist sense.

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon ..... The best in Europe. Fact.

Cuba ..... Go on, support it, you know you want to.

The Chairman Smiles ..... A collection of Maoist PRC posters.

Raunchland ..... No, nothing raunchy, but John Mingay's superb lit. press.

John Gimblett's Mao Tse Tung page 1 ..... Press archive photos and other stuff.

John Gimblett's Mao Tse Tung page 2 ..... More Press archive photos etc.















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