John Gimblett: Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Collage.

These pages contain a small, random selection of non-photographic artwork produced over the past several years. There are two paintings from a series which explored artistic response to other artforms: Valley 2 and The Hill are painted 'copies' of unpublished polaroids taken by the musician Nick Jones. A third, smaller painting completes the trilogy, and this is owned by Nick.

Other works in the series - which is ostensibly ongoing - include: poetry written to paintings and prints by the New York and New Zealand based artist Max Gimblett; prose poetry / fiction written to photographs taken by Rachel Jones; and music composed for photographs taken and broadcast (or published) of the Beslan massacre. The latter is available as a DVD-ROM, from Toranamusic.

There is an example of a monoprint here, this one produced at Rupert Loydell's studio in Exeter.

There is a photograph of a painting (again part of a multi-media series) of the Men an Tol holed standing stone group in Cornwall.

A small watercolour sketch of a temple in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, and a pencil sketch of the Taj Mahal in Agra show a couple of examples of work found in diaries I've written whilst travelling. The sketch of a mosque in Medan, Sumatra is taken from the cover of my book Mister John.

The acrylic painting Spiral Jetty was inspired by photographs of Robert Smithson's sculpture of the same name.

Over the years I have experimented widely with collage, and this is one of the simplest: torn paper from a Victorian guide to Bristol.






The Hill (from a polaroid by Nick Jones), acrylic, 1999





Valley No. 2 (from a polaroid by Nick Jones), acrylic, 1999





3 Monoprints, Exeter, ink on paper, late 1980s




Men an Tol , oil on board, 1990




Taj Mahal, Pencil, 1992



Temple, Mt. Abu, Watercolour, 1992




Spiral Jetty, Acrylic, 1994




Mosque, Medan (Sumatra), Ink on paper, 1987




Baptist Academy, Collage, 1989















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