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A Wasted Life : Selected Poems by John Gimblett

ISBN: 0953940403

* * * Please note publication of this title has been delayed indefinitely.



Torana TMDVD 01 :

Threnody for Beslan : a slideshow for Beslan on DVD-ROM.

With soundtrack composed by John Gimblett.

All profits to Beslan Appeal charities.

£12 including postage.




The following titles are available as strictly limited editions of 100. Each is a CD-R, signed and numbered, and comes with a small, unique photographic print: no two prints are the same, each is also numbered for the edition 1-100.

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Torana TM001 :

Cloud : 10 songs and soundscapes by eghg : 28 minutes (2004)

Cloud by eghg TM001

£10 including postage.



Torana TM002 :

Threnody for Beslan : The soundtrack to the DVD-ROM.

Music composed by John Gimblett : (2004)

£10 including postage.








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